Empowering Success in the Energy Transition

Since 2012, Covalis Capital has specialized in global asset management, focusing on sectors at the forefront of the energy transition.



Covalis Capital, established in 2012, leverages two decades of successful capital management expertise. We specialize in hedge funds, long-only equities, and private investments, with a distinctive strategic focus on sectors driving the energy transition, capitalizing on unique opportunities in dynamic landscapes.

Wind Farm


Zach Mecelis and Peter Murphy lead our Investment Committee, overseeing a team of over 40 investment professionals organized into sector specialist teams. The team also includes cross-functional divisions in Risk, ESG, and Trading, fully integrated into our comprehensive investment program.

Transmission Tower


We specialize in managing uncorrelated hedge fund products, including the Master and Enhanced Strategies, along with a focused equity long-only Energy Transition Strategy that invests in our highest conviction ideas, and co-investment opportunities spanning both public and private equity situations.

EV charging

ESG & Sustainability

Covalis Capital employs a sustainability framework that targets companies poised for success in transitioning to a low-carbon, sustainable, electrified economy. We integrate proprietary sustainability research into our investment process and use constructive engagements to enhance issuers’ sustainability capabilities.